Thursday, January 7, 2010

Top Selling Laptop Brands

Purchasing a laptop is a daunting task. It is something you spend with most of your time of the day really and it involves a handsome amount of your dearly earned money. Where technology has made things a bit easy, at the same time a plethora of information is also there to make things complicated than ever. That is the reason for most of people to go for the products that are reliable and whose usability and performance is proven at the scale of time.

This ranking makes some brands top selling brands and they are consumer's first choice when it is about buying that specific product. Laptop purchase is not a simple purchase for many as it involves considering various factors other than simple liking and disliking. With the passage of time there keep appearing new brands in the market but there are some that have won consumer's confidence and are at the top of their choice list irrespective of specific model. Here is a brief account on top selling laptop brands across the world:


Apple is one of the most reliable names in the world of technology. The company and the products are a source of inspirations for other players in the industry and innovative features are the distinguishing attribute of Apple notebooks that are also known as Mac books. These light weight notebooks are knows for their slim and sleek design and are rated high at performance scale. Currently, there are three product lines in Apple notebook range namely Macbook, Macbook Pro and Macbook Air. These high performance notebooks are rated high in monetary terms as well that is surely justified for the great experience they render to the user.


Dell is the first choice of those interested in purchasing a high end product yet at an affordable price. Whether you need a laptop for personal purposes for routine use or for business purposes you will find a perfect assemble of features at Dell. The most exciting attribute of Dell laptops is the customization option that allows you to choose from processor to operating system and accessories to even design of the laptop. With Dell studio designs you can give a personalized colorful outlook to your laptop. Dell Mini Net books, Inspiron, Studio and Studio XPS are Dell laptops complete Dell product line for home use whereas Vostro, Latitude and Dell Precision Mobile Workstations make up the Dell laptop series for business use.


HP is another trusted name that distinguishes itself for the wide assortment of product to cater needs of different segments of the market. Whether you are owner of a home business, a small or medium enterprise or own a giant enterprise HP has different products to offer to each category. For home users it has laptops to satisfy the senses of users of different preferences and taste.


Sony is yet another brand that is recognized across the world for being a high end quality product. Premium features, eclectic designs and great functional aspects make Sony a powerful brand name that is ruling the minds and hearts of a large chunk of consumers. Different series of Sony Vaio laptops like Sony Vaio W series, Sony Vaio TT series, Sony Vaio Z series, Sony Vaio SR series, Sony Vaio CS series, Sony Vaio BZ series, Sony Vaio NW series, Sony Vaio FW series and Sony Vaio AW series cater the needs of various groups in the market. A large number of loyal users is what makes Sony one of the most sought after brands in laptop domain.


The most differentiating feature of Toshiba laptops is high quality that is well manifested by the astounding features, stylish looks and un-parallel performance. Toshiba Satellite, Toshiba Satellite Pro, Toshiba Tecra, Toshiba Qosmio, Toshiba mini Notebook and Toshiba Portege laptops are some of the most reliable notebooks in the world that have satisfied the needs and wants of almost every segment of the market so beautifully that brand name itself has become a hallmark of quality.

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