Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Samsung UN55b8500 55 Inch LED HDTV

Unrivaled Picture Quality
With the samsung UN55B8500 55" LED HDTV you get the best contrast, color, and clarity that has ever hit the market. 7,000,000:1 (7 million!) contrast ratio is hands down unbelievable. This LED TV only displays the deepest blacks and the purest whites. To help display a wide range of sharp natural colors the UN55B8500 uses Advanced Color Processing. To keep the blur to NONE (okay maybe if a bullet goes my it might have slight blur) the samsung 8500 series uses Auto Motion Plus technology. This cuts out 99.9% of motion blur leaving your picture clean and crisp.

Paper Thin
1.6" thick! Take your thumbs and press them side by side. That's how thick the samsung UN55B8500 55" LED HDTV is! They really filled this tiny package with the most amazing technology yet. You won't have any problem finding a spot for this LED TV. It comes with a stand that has a unique crystal clear neck and the option to mount it right on your wall.

Auto Motion Plus really delivers the highest quality picture ever seen. Every fraction of a second, every single frame goes through Auto Motion Plus before it gets to your eyes. Every frame is analyzed and adjusted so that everything comes out Blur Free just the way you want it!

samsungs UN55B8500 55" LED HDTV comes with Wide Color Enhancer Pro. This is where the picture really comes to life. Color Enhancer Pro takes each and every pixel in a frame and stretches it to its 3-dimensional limit. This makes the picture look like its almost popping out of the screen, and the colors are breathtaking!

Customize Your Samsung LED TVs
Sick of TV? Nothing on? Pull up your Samsung TVs sidebar and see whats going on online. You can check photos on flickr, get updates from yahoo, or check on your stocks. Easily download widgets to make your Samsung personalized. Samsung went to extremes when they created this LED TV.

Hook Up Effortlessly
You can easily check out you new pictures, listen to music, or watch a video you recorded. The Samsung UN55B8500 55" LED HDTV gives you lots of options when it comes to multimedia. You can wirelessly link multiple computers, or DLNA mobile devices. Hook up a camera, MP3 player, or thumb drive with there handy USB ports. A feature I personally thought was really cool is the Samsung Multi-Media Center. This lets you scroll through your pictures, music or videos with the LED TVs Remote! Really handy.

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