Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nokia N91: Importance of Being N91

The Nokia N91 model of the Nokia N series comes in the colour of Grey Chrome and Light Chrome. Depending upon the carrier or service and the region, the colour availability options vary. The Nokia N91 comes with the collection of your favourite musical tracks or songs, that you can add from the various sources. The quality of the music that one hear in the phone is un-comparable and unmatched, it soothes you when you wish to relax and enjoy. There is a camera in the phone which does not let you to miss any moment that you would love to behold. Moreover, the phone work as an organiser as well.

The Nokia N91 supports the GSM/GPRS/EDGE technology in the frequency of 900/1800/1900MHz band. It also supports the WCDMA 2100 frequency in many European countries, except the US. The data transfer increases up to speed 384 kbps in WCDMA, and 236.8kbps in the GPRS/EGPRS. It is to be mentioned that the actual speed may vary depending on the network support. The phone weighing 164 gram, length 113.1 mm, width (max) 55.2 mm, and thickness (max)22 mm; has a memory of up to 4 GB for music content (up to 3000 songs), images, video clips, multimedia messages, ringing tones, and applications.

And it has an additional 30MB of storage for contacts, text messages, calendar notes and events.The Nokia N91 has an advanced contacts database, which support the multiple phone/ email details per entry, thumbnail pictures and groups. Moreover, it is equipped with many other features like Speed dialling, keeping the lists of the dialed, received, and missed calls, Automatic redial, Automatic answer (works with compatible headset or car kit only). It has the options by which one can dial a particular number and even make conference call.

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