Sunday, January 3, 2010

Affordable Laptop Repair For the Do-it-Yourselfer

To tell you the honest truth, it's NOT expensive to get your laptop fixed (except those "Geek Squad" guys down the street will charge you $50 in store to install a stick of memory or $150 if you want them to come to your house to do it!!) and it's not hard to do it yourself either!

A little back story.... We used to buy 53' TRUCKLOADS of returned merchandise from a major national retail chain, and we would test everything and sell it as is on that big auction site without repairing anything. Others wanted the defective merchandise to either repair themselves or use for parts to fix their own broken items.

We did this for quite some time and were quite successful at it too! One day we thought... Hmm... we have 200 laptops here, why don't we open them up and see if we can fix them ourselves? So we did! We tore them down at my kitchen table and fixed a ton of them no problem!

Soon we learned that certain laptops had certain design flaws and what was needed to fix them. We were able to fix what the store told you was un-fixable quite easily just by TRYING to fix it and not just giving up and saying "I dunno, throw it away."

For example: My buddy has a shop where the sells laptop parts, and the HP DV6000 series power cable always breaks so he sent some to a specialty manufacturer and had his own replacement cables made that are BETTERY QUALITY than the original part! Anybody with an HP DV6000 series (anything DV6xxx series) laptop that needs the cable and is lucky enough to find his site will be a very happy person!

The problem is they want you to think that you have to be a "Geek" to repair your own laptop computer and that it's very difficult to do! They charge you crazy prices for the easiest repair to make you think it's too hard for you to do!

Where do you think these guys get their money for their millions in advertising and their fancy cars? OUT OF YOUR WALLET THAT'S WHERE, and that's why they have to charge so much.

So what do you do if you have a broken laptop? You go to these so-called Geeks and they have no idea what to do even though it's what should be a well known design flaw with your laptop like your HP DV6000 ribbon cable that stops your laptop from turning on.

How come the Geeks don't know how to fix it, but two guys sitting at their kitchen table with a couple screwdrivers do?

Ya, I have a problem with anybody that charges you $250 to fix your laptop when we used to get laptops from these guys that were junked out and the only problem was it had a bad stick of RAM in it!

I could go on for days really, but the point is don't give up on your laptop if it has stopped working, even if some Geek or Nerd told you to. My good friend can probably help you out through his discount laptop parts store and even if he can't you should still poke around online and look for alternatives to the Geeks and Nerds that tell you to toss it in the garbage!

Thomas Drayton is the Owner of a digital camera parts and repair shop
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