Sunday, March 14, 2010

Are LCD TVs Better For the Health Then Other Television Sets?

When talking about one's health with regards to television watching, we usually refer to one of our most delicate senses: the sense of sight. Since the born of the great picture box that is the televisions we know them as today, an interesting adjective has been created. Yes, that's right: I'm talking about the term 'couch potatoes'.

The term is used to refer to a person whom seemingly stays in a static position, usually engrossed in some form of un-reactive entertainment. More often than not, the television set is the main culprit. It is not so much the television's fault but the person's habit forming actions. Nevertheless, this phenomena has resulted in an interesting discussion created by us in the hope of reducing the ill-benefits of watching excessive television.

What can we say? True, blue and great entertainment is why one craves for and televisions provides us with that and more - without a need for effort on our part. We are guilty! However, that brings up a point: Can there possibly be a TV that is better for health? And our answer is: Bring on the LCD TV!

Boasting clear displays, the LCD TV hands down beat the CRT TVs in image display. What this means is that our eyes are less strained, and hence has less chance of tiring so quickly. Everyone knows that eye strain, if prolonged, can result in many a spoilt eyesight. Not to forget, a fuzzy television screen or bad viewing images will more often than not result in us positioning ourselves closer to the television screen, causing more strains to our eyes to view the TV. LCD TVs, on the other hand, allow you great, clear and vivid displays even from afar. Is there any competition at all? LCD TVs do not guarantee you perfect eyesight: but if prolonged television watching is your form of entertainment then you will do you and your eyes a world of good by investing in an LCD TV.

Feed your eyes with great clear entertainment while protecting them from eye strains! Get yourself a LCD TV today and you will no doubt reduce eye strains aplenty.

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