Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nokia N96 Makes Its Debut on O2 UK - Nokia N-Series N96

The newest member of the Nokia N-Series range of mobile phones has now been made available in the UK, the Nokia N96 can now be purchased on O2 network, pay monthly contract tariffs. The most anticipated mobile phone to come out of Nokia's R&D labs this year is finally available in the UK, the mobile phone related forums and blogs have been consistently buzzing for over 12 months now with news of the Nokia N96 and in particular its rumoured release date.

This new N-Series phone represents the very best in technology that the manufacturer has to offer, they use this range of phones to show off their latest technological achievements and so understandably there is a dedicated following of N-Series enthusiasts.

The Nokia N96 is a direct upgrade to the extremely popular Nokia N95 and the more recent N95 8GB, the outer shell and dimensions have not changed dramatically however there is a stark difference in that the N96 has far more rounded corners and a sleeker overall design.

The impressive 5 megapixel camera has been retained from the previous model but the new features and technology really set the Nokia N96 aside from all previous models.

The Nokia N96 mobile phone is a modern epiphany taken directly from any mobile enthusiasts dream of the next big thing, as contained within the smooth stylish case of the Nokia N96 is an abundance of features that leaves no space un-utilised.

Immerse yourself in the impressive array of entertainment features included with the Nokia N96. Use the 2.8" display screen to watch high-quality videos with mind-blowing sound effects and the 16GB's of internal memory which will allow you to store all multimedia files.

Nokia's latest 5 mega pixel camera is immense, the built in GPS receiver is pinpoint perfect, & the 16 GB memory is huge. Add the latest mobile hardware of a DVB TV broadcast receiver and you begin to understand the baited anticipation surrounding the Nokia N96.

The Nokia N Series takes another leap forward in the shape of the new Nokia N96, a handset that's sure to create waves through the mobile phone world. Perfectly sculpted and technologically engineered the Nokia N96 is a mobile marvel fully packed with the latest advancements and elegant refinements that make it so easily admirable.

Although initially released on O2 the Nokia N96 is expected to be launched on further UK networks in the very near future, both retailers and networks have been fighting amongst themselves and negotiating with the UK networks to seal exclusive deals for this much sought after handset, only time will tell who has managed to seal approval from the manufacturer for that elusive exclusive agreement.

The new Nokia N96 is one of many phones from the N-Series range, for more detailed information please refer to our online mobile phones shop.

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