Saturday, December 5, 2009

How to Save Money When Buying Brother Ink Cartridges

Brother printers are one of the most cost effective printers currently on the market due to a number of key factors. First and foremost all new Brother Inkjet Printers use a separate ink tank system which offers the following benefits:

•Cartridges are predominately un-chipped resulting in the printer using all of the ink in the cartridge rather than running out after a specified number of pages.

•Individual colours can be replaced as they run out rather than a tri-colour system which requires the entire cartridge to be changed whenever one colour runs out.

•The cartridges are relatively large compared with competitors' offerings; for example a LC1100 cartridge contains 20.5ml meaning a full set of four collectively contains a massive 82ml.

•As the print head is actually inside the printer itself, you only ever replace the ink tank rather than the entire printing mechanism every time. This results in lower buying costs for both original and compatible products.

Because of the simple nature of the printer cartridges it is possible for companies other than Brother to create compatible ink cartridges which are sufficiently different to the originals to remain legal while offering lower printing costs. Customers looking to save money may benefit from using these compatible cartridges to reduce their printing costs. A compatible cartridge is a brand new alternative to the original cartridge and should offer improved cost per page prints without sacrificing print quality.

Brother Laser Printers also remain one of the most cost effective options on the market, again due primarily to the reasonable cost of both original and remanufactured cartridges coupled with a relatively high page yield per unit. A Brother TN135 cartridge for example will produce 5,000 pages out of the black and 4,000 pages per colour which compares favourably with a HP CB540 series cartridge which will produce 2,200 pages out of the black and 1,400 pages per colour.

An alternative for those looking to save money on their printing costs is to start using remanufactured toner cartridges. These units are original Brother toner cartridges which have been fully used then taken back to a recycling facility where any worn parts are replaced then the cartridge is refilled and tested before being boxed up and sold as a remanufactured product. These cartridges offer significant cost and environmental savings without sacrificing print quality.

Chris Holgate is author of this article on Brother Ink Cartridges.

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